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Build School was established in 2016 to help students who aspire to enter the software and internet economy build more competitive careers. Through seasoned instructors with practical experience, senior engineers, or CTOs from enterprises, Build School guides students in creating functional products, solving real-world problems, and becoming professional software engineers.

Build School also assists enterprises in finding professional software and IT talents more effectively! Since its establishment, it has nurtured nearly 500 software and information talents and established the “Build the Future” association in Taiwan. This association, formed by Build School alumni, continues to collaborate with Microsoft Taiwan on public welfare training and participate in its Sunrise Project, helping professionals, social workers, and young students develop digital skills to enhance employability. Collaboration with Microsoft to promote certifications, digital skills, and software technology is expected to train 1,500 individuals by November 2023.

500 +

Software and Information Talent

1,500 +

Training Participation with Microsoft

Project-based learning

Certificate exams fast track

Achieve career goal

Enhance your software and IT skills through fast-paced and efficient courses, and obtain certifications


Project-based Learning

The course design primarily focuses on "result-driven" and "project-oriented" approaches. Upon graduation from the training camp, participants can immediately deploy projects online and even secure job opportunities.

learning roadmap

Microsoft Certification Learning Roadmap

Offering the most comprehensive Microsoft certification learning roadmap, enabling learners to quickly find suitable learning paths and commence their studies through clear charts.


Flexible Learning

Unrestricted anytime, anywhere - autonomous learning and blended training through real-time guidance, videos, and online exam practice.


Fast track to get certificates

Officially Authorized Testing Centers allow you to book physical or remote exams at the most favorable prices upon completing the course, enabling you to obtain IT certifications.

What learners say about us

(From our students and alumni's comments)
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