Enhance your software and IT skills and get certificates with fast-track program.

Build School is founded in 2016 and built the software engineer and IT bootcamp for 6 years. The professional skills we coached are ranging from frontend, backend, database, data analytics, container, cloud platform and DevOps.


Software Engineer Skills & IT Certificate Exam Courses

Get ready to tailor your learning path and pass IT certificate exams in time-saving ways.


Project-based Learning

We believe that "project-based learning" is most effective way to get the real software engineering practices. Our course design is "result-driven" and "project-oriented". Get hired or Make projects go-live after you graduate from the bootcamp.

Learn a software and IT job-relevant skill in effective ways

Through our fast-track programs, we support software developers and IT pro to achieve their career goal. Get IT certificates or transform your careers now!

Project-based learning
Certificate exams fast track
Achieve career goal

What learners say about us

(from our students and alumni's comments at Google place)
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